Temptation Management



Let’s be honest – the days of making easy money are over. Your competition is fierce. There are 1.5M models on OnlyFans alone, not to mention other paywall or webcam platforms.


Nowadays online sex work is widely accepted in society and even celebrities have OF accounts. As you read this, thousands of new models from all around the world start their careers.


It’s not just about creating content anymore. Your success lies in creating and promoting a solid personal brand.


If you want to make five to six figures a month, but don’t want to spend hundreds of hours promoting your content, a management agency is a must.

Some models see results the first day. If you already have some content, fans or good quality following on social media, we are able to achieve $100 to $500 on day one.

When you are starting from scratch with no social media and no followers, you can earn your first few hundred dollars within a week!

Our models earn an average of $21,000 a month within 6 months of starting from scratch. The first month is the toughest but the rest is just easy sailing.

It is easy. Just fill out the form and a member of our team will schedule a quick call. We will answer all your questions and check if we are the right agency for you.

Once we decide to work together you will begin the onboarding process and start earning money ASAP.

It is not necessary to take nudes. There is plenty of relatively successful creators who keep their OnlyFans content strictly within what is allowed on Instagram etc.

Let’s be honest – other juicy body parts sell just as good as the face. Can you be successful without showing it? Yes. 

Actually, some of our models gained huge amounts of followers with “face reveal at 10K subscribers” as an incentive.

You should also remember that when camming etc., you can restrict your audience just to a set geographical area.

That’s what we do on a daily basis! First, we will identify the low hanging fruit to boost your earnings.

Afterwards, we will develop strategies tailored to you and your audience to get the most $ out of your content.

Of course, please send us your information through the contact form and our team will reach out to arrange a call.

We focus on the small to large accounts. Also, we often in help setting up and running starter accounts.

There are different pricing structures for each.

Your main focus is on making a lot of content. The more you produce, the better the sales.

The commission structure is favourable to those models who create more content.

The Temptation team does everything else on your behalf.

  • Setup of OF/webcam accounts (if applicable)
  • Assessment of what you did so far on your accounts and how we can boost your sales quickly
  • Optimisation of your accounts
  • Build up and optimisation of your OF story 
  • Setup of all social media accounts (if applicable)
  • Growing your social media accounts
  • Taking care of promotions, sales and marketing
  • Posting daily
  • Boosting PPV and other products sales
  • Messages management
  • Fan support
  • Cross promotion
  • Daily optimisation for income improvement
  • DMCA copyright protection
  • Branding setup (esp. with webcam)
  • Regular account audits
  • Monthly reporting
  • Creator training for content improvement

You will have access to your CSM via WhatsApp.

We invoice every two weeks. We are comfortable with using most of the payment processors like Paxum, PayPal, Stripe etc.

The lion share of our client base are singles, however we have a few “couple channel” success stories under our belt.

Our starter contracts are 3 months minimum. We may consider a month to month option, provided you have a solid social media presence.

All other contracts are month to month, cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

Your Client Success Manager will assist you with anything helpful in creating better content.

This includes new ideas, trends, what is currently the agency top seller etc.


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The objection we usually get is “Why should I give you a share of my profits? There are plenty of creators who work on their own.


Our answer to that is simple:
More time. More money earned from the same content. Less overwhelm and stress.


Would you rather spend hours making a small pie and have it all for yourself?

Or would you prefer a piece of a much bigger pie without putting in time and effort?


At the end of the day, this is a decision that will leave you earning less than $1,000 or five/six figures a month.


We want to hear about your aspirations and current situation. Send us a message and one of our account managers will schedule a call to see if it is a mutual click.